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Super-agent driven library for testing Deno HTTP servers.
// deno-lint-ignore-file no-explicit-any/** * Port of supertest ( for Deno */
import { methods, Server } from "../deps.ts";import { Test } from "./test.ts";import { close } from "./close.ts";import { isListener, isServer, isString } from "./utils.ts";import type { ListenerLike, RequestHandlerLike, ServerLike } from "./types.ts";
/** * Provides methods for making requests to the configured server using the passed * `url` string, and returning a new `Test`. */export interface SuperDeno { get(url: string): Test; post(url: string): Test; put(url: string): Test; delete(url: string): Test; patch(url: string): Test; options(url: string): Test; head(url: string): Test; checkout(url: string): Test; connect(url: string): Test; copy(url: string): Test; lock(url: string): Test; merge(url: string): Test; mkactivity(url: string): Test; mkcol(url: string): Test; move(url: string): Test; "m-search"(url: string): Test; notify(url: string): Test; propfind(url: string): Test; proppatch(url: string): Test; purge(url: string): Test; report(url: string): Test; search(url: string): Test; subscribe(url: string): Test; trace(url: string): Test; unlock(url: string): Test; unsubscribe(url: string): Test;}
async function startManagedServer( managedServer: Server, app: RequestHandlerLike,) { try { await managedServer.listenAndServe(); } catch (error) { await close(managedServer, app, error); }}
/** * Takes a a url string, [`http.Server`](, * a request handling function, or an object that implements an `app.listen()` method (which mirrors * the [`http.serve`]( interface). * * Accepts an optional second argument of `secure` to determine whether connections should be over _HTTPS_ * (`true`) or _HTTP_ (`false`) * * If SuperDeno identifies that a server is not already listening for connections, then one is bound to * an ephemeral port for you so there is no need to keep track of ports. * * @param {string|RequestHandlerLike|ListenerLike|ServerLike} app * @param {?boolean} secure * * @returns {SuperDeno} * @public */export function superdeno( app: string | RequestHandlerLike | ListenerLike | ServerLike, secure?: boolean,): SuperDeno { const obj: Record<string, any> = {};
let managedServer: Server | undefined;
if (!isString(app) && !isListener(app) && !isServer(app)) { managedServer = new Server({ port: 0, async handler(request) { try { return await app(request); } catch (error) { console.error( "SuperDeno experienced an unexpected server error with the underlying app handler.", error, );
throw error; } }, }); }
methods.forEach((method) => { obj[method] = (url: string) => { return new Test( (managedServer ?? app) as string | ListenerLike | ServerLike, method, url, undefined, secure, ); }; });
if (typeof managedServer !== "undefined") { startManagedServer(managedServer, app as RequestHandlerLike); }
return obj as SuperDeno;}