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A .http Test Runner
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This document describes the Roadmap for the project.


  • Support for the --watch
  • Support for the --timeout
  • Support for the --fail-fast
  • --display none, minimal, default , full and verbose
  • --help output usage information
  • --env-file load environment variables from a .env file
  • --no-color output without color
  • --upgrade upgrade to the latest version
  • Support front-matter yaml as metadata, global and per test
  • Support for declaring the base url.
  • Support meta.needs for running tests in a specific order.
  • Support meta.ignore for skipping tests.
  • Support meta.only for running only specific tests.
  • Support for eta as template engine.
  • Support for meta.display to override the global display mode.
  • Support for meta.timeout to override the global timeout.
  • Support for meta import: to import other files
  • Support for the --watch-no-clear
  • Better error display.
  • Support for meta run: to run shell commands
  • Concurrent test execution