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A .http Test Runner
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{ "tasks": { "dev": "TEPI_NOT_EXIT=1 deno run -A --watch ./src/cli.ts", "debug": "TEPI_NOT_EXIT=1 deno run --inspect-brk -A ./src/cli.ts ", // test "test": "NO_LOG=1 deno test -A", "test-debug":"deno test -A --filter='code 0'", "test-watch": "FORCE_COLOR=1 deno test -A --watch test", "test-docker": "docker compose up --exit-code-from test --no-log-prefix --abort-on-container-exit test ", "local": "HOST=http://localhost HOST_HTTPBIN=http://localhost:81 deno task test-watch", // dev "install": "deno install -fA --name tepi ./src/cli.ts", "install:x": "deno install --reload --allow-read --allow-env --allow-net --allow-run -f -n tepi", "help": " deno run -A --watch ./src/cli.ts --help", // chore "udd": "deno run -A --reload --test='deno task test --fail-fast' 'src/**/*.ts' 'test/**/*.ts'", // release "dnt": "deno run -A", "version": "deno run -A", "version:set": "deno task version patch && VERSION=$(cat VERSION) && echo 'export const VERSION = \"${VERSION}\"' > src/version.ts", "readme": "cat docs/ > && cat docs/ >> && cat docs/ >> && deno task readme:copy && git add vscode-extension/ && git commit -m 'docs: update' || true", "readme:copy": "cp vscode-extension/", "release": "deno task vhs && deno task readme && deno task version:set && git push --tags origin main && deno task publish-image", "publish-image":"export IMAGE_NAME=jupegarnica/tepi && export IMAGE_TAG=$(deno task version get) && docker build -t $IMAGE_NAME:$IMAGE_TAG . && docker push $IMAGE_NAME:$IMAGE_TAG && docker tag $IMAGE_NAME:$IMAGE_TAG $IMAGE_NAME:latest && docker push $IMAGE_NAME:latest", "vhs":"bash -c 'cd vhs && vhs < demo.tape && git add ./demo.gif && git commit -m vhs' " }}