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A .http Test Runner
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# dco run --rm vhs demo.tape# vhs < demo.tape
Output ./demo.gif# Output ./demo.ascii# Set Shell bash# Set Theme "Monokai Pro"# Set FontFamily "Monoflow"Set Framerate 10Set Padding 30Set FontSize 17Set Width 800Set Height 1150
Require denoRequire tepi
HideType "deno cache --unstable ../../src/cli.ts"EnterType "deno install --unstable -Af -n tepi ../../src/cli.ts"Type "deno cache -A npm:cli-highlight" EnterType "alias cat='deno run -A npm:cli-highlight --language http --theme theme.json'" EnterSleep 5sType clear EnterShow
Type "cat demo.http"Sleep 300msEnter
Sleep 1s
Type "tepi demo.http"Sleep 300msEnter
Sleep 25s