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Version: Time.ts v2.0.1

Please refers to Time.ts v1.0.0 if still using the old version.


  • Add daylight saving time


From master branch

import { Time, timezone } from "https://deno.land/x/time.ts/mod.ts";

More safe import

import { Time, timezone } from "https://denopkg.com/burhanahmeed/time.ts@v2.0.1/mod.ts";


import { Time, timezone } from "https://deno.land/x/time.ts@v2.0.1/mod.ts";


import { Time, timezone } from "https://denoland.id/x/time.ts@v2.0.1/mod.ts";




Here is a basic example to get started with Time.ts

Check this out on Example directory.

import { Time } from "https://denopkg.com/burhanahmeed/time.ts@v2.0.1/mod.ts";

console.log('Time now UTC: ',time().t)
//Time now UTC:  2020-06-14T06:19:37.483Z

console.log('Time now Singapore: ',time().tz('asia/singapore').t)
//Time now Singapore:  2020-06-14T14:19:37.483Z

console.log('Time now New York: ',time().tz('America/New_york').t)
//Time now New York:  2020-06-14T01:19:37.484Z

console.log('Time now Jakarta: ',time().tz('asia/Jakarta').t)
//Time now Jakarta:  2020-06-14T13:19:37.484Z

console.log('Time now UTC string: ',time().toString())
//Time now UTC string:  Sun, 14 Jun 2020 06:21:21 GMT

console.log('Time now UTC: ',time('2020-06-09 09:19').t)
//Time now UTC:  2020-06-09T02:19:00.000Z

console.log('Time now Singapore: ',time('2020-06-09 09:19').tz('asia/singapore').t)
//Time now Singapore:  2020-06-09T10:19:00.000Z

console.log('Time now UTC another way: ',time().tz('utc').t)
//Time now UTC another way:  2020-06-14T06:34:19.344Z

console.log('Time now of your server timezone: ',time().now())
//Time now of your server timezone:  2020-06-14T13:35:17.927Z

If you want to get the list of available timezone you can do like this.

import { timezone } from "https://denopkg.com/burhanahmeed/time.ts@v2.0.1/mod.ts";

 * List of timezone (it is not ordered by alphabet)
  { text: "(GMT+00:00) Bissau", id: "Africa/Bissau" },
  { text: "(GMT+02:00) Athens", id: "Europe/Athens" },
  { text: "(GMT+05:00) Dushanbe", id: "Asia/Dushanbe" },
  { text: "(GMT+00:00) Faeroe", id: "Atlantic/Faroe" },
  { text: "(GMT+02:00) Helsinki", id: "Europe/Helsinki" },
  { text: "(GMT-04:30) Caracas", id: "America/Caracas" },
  { text: "(GMT-04:00) Manaus", id: "America/Manaus" },
  { text: "(GMT+00:00) Accra", id: "Africa/Accra" },


If you feel you can help us to improve this project, do not hesitate to submit your pull request or just simply submit an issue.


MIT License Copyright (c) 2020 Burhanuddin Ahmed