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Bring your own backend Tana-style frontend. Actively being developed.


  • Outline editor and repurposable workspace shell.
  • Built with Deno toolchain. Zero Node.js utilization.
  • Minimal dependencies, mainly Mithril.js.

Prototype Release Status

  • Basic outliner
  • Keybindings
  • Command palette
  • Multi-view panels
  • Managed calendar pages
  • Full-text search
  • GitHub repository backend
  • Markdown pages
  • Desktop support via Apptron


This project is meant as a frontend toolkit for your own note-taking app, but we’re maintaining a usable live demo based on the current state of the main branch.


Contribute by installing Deno, cloning the repo, and running:

deno task serve

This will run a development server for the project site that includes the demo, which you can use for development.


  • Devstream - Majority of development is streamed live on Twitch
  • Devlog - Devlog updates about development
  • Forums - Basic discussion on GitHub