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simple, easy-to-use, and declarative input validator; supports Node.js, TypeScript, Deno, and Bun
/** * convert full-width to half-width in str * @param str string to convert * @param charsets character sets to convert * @returns half-width string */export function toHalfWidth(str: string, charsets: string | RegExp): string { return str.replace(charsets, (substr) => { return toHalfWidthAll(substr); });}/** * convert full-width to half-width * @param str string to convert; ALL ELEMENTS MUST BE FULL-WIDTH! * @returns half-width string */export function toHalfWidthAll(str: string): string { const charCodes: number[] = []; for (let index = 0; index < str.length; index++) { charCodes.push(str.charCodeAt(index) - 65248); } return String.fromCharCode(...charCodes);}