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Still in a very early stage of development. Lots of stuff to do and not even the basics are really implemented yet (apart from opening a webview window). deno_webview uses the rust bindings for zsergeโ€™s webview.

Example image


Run the following with the -A flag enabled to get the example shown above:

import { WebView } from "./mod.ts";

const webview = new WebView({
    title: "Hello world",
    url: `data:text/html,
      <h1>Hello from deno</h1>


  • Implement all most webview instance methods
  • Two-way deno bindings (to call deno from javascript)
  • Multiple windows/instances? (Help, need to create a static HashMap of *mut CWebView)
  • Easier importing of scripts, images and css
  • Dialog
  • DialogBuilder and WebViewBuilder
  • Examples
  • Tests
  • Wait for the rust bindings to update to the latest webview version.
    • Polyfill for new API?
  • Docs
  • Update ci so building with Edge works