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Deno standard library
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A Worker object contains all public information and method about a worker. In the primary it can be obtained using cluster.workers. In a worker it can be obtained using cluster.worker.


Deprecated alias for cluster.isPrimary. details.

True if the process is a primary. This is determined by the process.env.NODE_UNIQUE_ID. If process.env.NODE_UNIQUE_ID is undefined, then isPrimary is true.

True if the process is not a primary (it is the negation of cluster.isPrimary).

The scheduling policy, either cluster.SCHED_RR for round-robin or cluster.SCHED_NONE to leave it to the operating system. This is a global setting and effectively frozen once either the first worker is spawned, or .setupPrimary() is called, whichever comes first.

The settings object

A reference to the current worker object. Not available in the primary process.

A hash that stores the active worker objects, keyed by id field. Makes it easy to loop through all the workers. It is only available in the primary process.


Calls .disconnect() on each worker in cluster.workers.

Spawn a new worker process.

Deprecated alias for .setupPrimary().

setupPrimary is used to change the default 'fork' behavior. Once called, the settings will be present in cluster.settings.