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Deno standard library
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import * as mod from "";


Instances of the readline.Interface class are constructed using thereadline.createInterface() method. Every instance is associated with a single input Readable stream and a single output Writable stream. The output stream is used to print prompts for user input that arrives on, and is read from, the input stream.


The readline.clearLine() method clears current line of given TTY stream in a specified direction identified by dir.

The readline.clearScreenDown() method clears the given TTY stream from the current position of the cursor down.

The readline.createInterface() method creates a new readline.Interfaceinstance.

The readline.cursorTo() method moves cursor to the specified position in a given TTY stream.

The readline.emitKeypressEvents() method causes the given Readable stream to begin emitting 'keypress' events corresponding to received input.

The readline.moveCursor() method moves the cursor relative to its current position in a given TTY stream.


The readline/promise module provides an API for reading lines of input from a Readable stream one line at a time.