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The Deno Standard Library
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// Copyright 2018-2024 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// Copyright the Browserify authors. MIT License.
import { assertEquals } from "../assert/mod.ts";import * as path from "../path/mod.ts";import { getFileInfoType, type PathType } from "./_get_file_info_type.ts";import { ensureFileSync } from "./ensure_file.ts";import { ensureDirSync } from "./ensure_dir.ts";
const moduleDir = path.dirname(path.fromFileUrl(import.meta.url));const testdataDir = path.resolve(moduleDir, "testdata");
Deno.test("getFileInfoType() returns entity type as a string", function () { const pairs = [ [path.join(testdataDir, "file_type_1"), "file"], [path.join(testdataDir, "file_type_dir_1"), "dir"], ];
pairs.forEach(function (p) { const filePath = p[0] as string; const type = p[1] as PathType; switch (type) { case "file": ensureFileSync(filePath); break; case "dir": ensureDirSync(filePath); break; case "symlink": // TODO(axetroy): test symlink break; }
const stat = Deno.statSync(filePath);
Deno.removeSync(filePath, { recursive: true });
assertEquals(getFileInfoType(stat), type); });});