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🥌 Deno cache library
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import { CacheError } from "./cache.ts";import { exists, join, resolve } from "./deps.ts";import { Metadata } from "./file.ts";import { protocol } from "./helpers.ts";
async function protocolFile(url: URL, path: string): Promise<Metadata> { const pathname = resolve(join(, url.pathname)); if (!await exists(pathname)) { throw new CacheError(`${pathname} does not exist on the local system.`); } await Deno.copyFile(pathname, path); return { url: url.href, };}
async function protocolHttp(url: URL, path: string): Promise<Metadata> { const download = await fetch(url); if (!download.ok) throw new CacheError(download.statusText); const source = await download.arrayBuffer(); await Deno.writeFile(path, new Uint8Array(source));
const headers: { [key: string]: string } = {}; for (const [key, value] of download.headers) { headers[key] = value; } return { url: url.href, headers, };}
export async function ff(url: URL, path: string): Promise<Metadata> { switch (protocol(url.protocol)) { case "file": return await protocolFile(url, path);
case "http": case "https": return await protocolHttp(url, path); default: throw new CacheError("unsupported protocol"); }}