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❯ Cliffy

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Command line framework for Deno
>_ A collection of modules for creating interactive command line tools.

WARNING: This project is still under development. Not all features are fully implemented and it’s possible to get some breaking changes if you upgrade to a newer version. If you find a bug or have a feature request feel free to create an issue.


  • ansi-escape: Show, hide and move cli cursor, erase output and scroll window.

  • command: Create flexible command line interfaces with type checking, auto generated help and out of the box support for shell completions (inspired by node.js’s commander.js).

  • flags: Parse command line arguments.

  • keycode: Parse ANSI key codes.

  • prompt: Create interactive prompts like: checkbox, confirm, input, number, select, etc…

  • table: Create cli table’s with border, padding, nested table’s, etc…