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Cliffy is a simple and type-safe commandline framework for building complex commandline tools with deno.

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⚠️ This project is still under development. Expect breaking changes.


The documentation is available on


Following modules are included in cliffy:

  • ansi: Chainable ansi escape sequences.

  • command: Create complex and type-safe commandline tools with build-in input validation, auto generated help, shell completions and more.

  • flags: Parse command line arguments (used by the command module).

  • keycode: Parser ansi key codes.

  • keypress: Listen to keypress events with Promise, AsyncIterator and EventTarget APIs.

  • prompt: Create simple and powerful interactive prompts.

  • table: Create cli tables with border, padding, nested tables, etc…


Any kind of contribution is welcome! Please take a look at the contributing guidelines.