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Drake is a make-like task runner for Deno.
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/** * Drake drakefile. */
import { readFile } from "./lib/utils.ts";import { abort, desc, env, glob, quote, run, sh, task } from "./mod.ts";
env["--default-task"] = "test";const SRC_FILES = glob("**/*.ts");
desc("Run tests");task("test", ["fmt"], async function() { await sh("deno test -A tests/*.ts");});
desc("Format source files");task("fmt", [], async function() { await sh(`deno fmt ${quote(SRC_FILES)}`);});
desc("Install drake executable CLI wrapper");task("install", ["test"], async function() { await sh("deno install -A -f drake ./drake.ts");});
desc("Run examples drakefile");task("run", ["test"], async function() { await sh(` cd ./examples deno run -A ./Drakefile.ts prereqs pause "qux=Foo Bar" noop `);});
desc( "Create Git version tag e.g. 'drake tag vers=1.0.0' creates tag 'v1.0.0'");task("tag", ["test"], async function() { if (!env.vers) { abort("'vers' command-line variable not set e.g. drake tag vers=1.0.0"); } if (!/^\d+\.\d+\.\d+/.test(env.vers as string)) { abort(`illegal semantic version number: ${env.vers}`); } let match = readFile("mod.ts").match(/^const vers: string = "(.+)"/m); if (!match) { abort(`missing 'vers' declaration in mod.ts`); } match = match as RegExpMatchArray; if (match[1] !== env.vers) { abort(`${env.vers} does not match version ${match[1]} in mod.ts`); } const tag = `v${env.vers}`; console.log(`tag: ${tag}`); await sh(`git tag -a -m ${tag} ${tag}`);});
desc("Push changes to Github");task("push", ["test"], async function() { await sh("git push -u --tags origin master");});