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Drake is a make-like task runner for Deno.
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/* Drake APIs. */export { env } from "./lib/env.ts";export type { EnvValue } from "./lib/env.ts";export { desc, execute, run, task } from "./lib/registry.ts";export type { Action, Task } from "./lib/tasks.ts";export { abort, debug, DrakeError, glob, log, makeDir, quote, readFile, sh, shCapture, updateFile, vers, writeFile,} from "./lib/utils.ts";export type { ShCaptureOpts, ShOpts, ShOutput } from "./lib/utils.ts";
import { Env, env } from "./lib/env.ts";import { help } from "./lib/help.ts";import { vers } from "./lib/utils.ts";
env("--abort-exits", true);
(env() as Env).parseArgs([...Deno.args]);
if (env("--help")) { help();} else if (env("--version")) { console.log(vers());}