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Fast and simple web application framework for deno
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import { assert } from "";import { decryptData } from "./decrypt.ts";import { encryptData } from "./encrypt.ts";import { exportCryptoKey, importCryptoKey, keyPromise } from "./key.ts";
Deno.test( { permissions: { net: true, env: true, read: true, write: true }, sanitizeResources: false, sanitizeOps: false, name: "Decrypt", async fn() { const keyType = "AES-GCM"; const keyUsages: KeyUsage[] = ["encrypt", "decrypt"]; const key = await keyPromise; const exportedKeyString = await exportCryptoKey(key);
const importedKey = await importCryptoKey( exportedKeyString, keyType, keyUsages, ); const plaintext = "Hello, encryption!";
const encryptedData = await encryptData(importedKey, plaintext); const decryptedText = await decryptData(importedKey, encryptedData);
console.log("Decrypted Text:", decryptedText); assert(decryptedText, "get"); }, },);