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the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juice

The next-gen web framework.

Fresh is a next generation web framework, built for speed, reliability, and simplicity. Some stand out features:

  • Just-in-time rendering on the edge.
  • Island based client hydration for maximum interactivity.
  • Zero runtime overhead: no JS is shipped to the client by default.
  • No build step.
  • No configuration necessary.
  • TypeScript support out of the box.
  • File-system routing à la Next.js


The documentation is available on

Getting started

You can scaffold a new project by running the Fresh init script. To scaffold a project in the myproject folder, run the following:

deno run -A -r my-project

To now start the project, use deno task:

deno task start

To deploy the script to Deno Deploy, push your project to GitHub, create a Deno Deploy project, and link it to the main.ts file in the root of the created repository.

For a more in-depth getting started guide, visit the Getting Started page in the Fresh docs.