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Type declarations of the Telegram Bot API.
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interface InlineQuery
import { type InlineQuery } from "";

This object represents an incoming inline query. When the user sends an empty query, your bot could return some default or trending results.


id: string

Unique identifier for this query

from: User


query: string

Text of the query (up to 256 characters)

offset: string

Offset of the results to be returned, can be controlled by the bot

chat_type: "sender" | Chat["type"]

Type of the chat from which the inline query was sent. Can be either “sender” for a private chat with the inline query sender, “private”, “group”, “supergroup”, or “channel”. The chat type should be always known for requests sent from official clients and most third-party clients, unless the request was sent from a secret chat

location: Location

Sender location, only for bots that request user location