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Type declarations of the Telegram Bot API.
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interface MaskPosition
import { type MaskPosition } from "";

This object describes the position on faces where a mask should be placed by default.


| "forehead"
| "eyes"
| "mouth"
| "chin"

The part of the face relative to which the mask should be placed. One of “forehead”, “eyes”, “mouth”, or “chin”.

x_shift: number

Shift by X-axis measured in widths of the mask scaled to the face size, from left to right. For example, choosing -1.0 will place mask just to the left of the default mask position.

y_shift: number

Shift by Y-axis measured in heights of the mask scaled to the face size, from top to bottom. For example, 1.0 will place the mask just below the default mask position.

scale: number

Mask scaling coefficient. For example, 2.0 means double size.