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Lumocs: A Documentation Theme for Lume

Lumocs is a sleek stand-alone documentation theme for Lume, similar to “just-the-docs” for Jekyll. Explore the full details in the Lumocs Documentation.


  • Design and layout tailored for documentation.
  • Automatic light/dark mode by user preference.
  • No configuration needed, works great and looks great out of the box.
  • Generates a documentation website from markdown-files, using extended markdown-it syntax.
  • Easy to customize using _data.json and the _includes-folder.
  • Mobile-responsive design.
  • Ready for deployment on GitHub Pages.
  • Hierarchical navigation with up to three content levels.
  • Built with modern tools: Deno and Lume.

Quick Setup

Check out the Getting Started-section of the official documentation, or familiarize yourself with the required configurations in the provided demo-repository. This includes the _config.ts, _data.json, deno.json, and sample Markdown content

Build Command

  • Use deno task serve to start a local development server, or deno task lume to compile your site to the _site subfolder.


Lumocs is licensed under the MIT License.