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interface FormDataFile
import { type FormDataFile } from "";

A representation of a file that has been read from a form data body. Based on the FormDataReadOptions that were passed when reading will determine if files are written to disk or not and how they are written to disk. When written to disk, the extension of the file will be determined by the content type, with the .filename property containing the full path to the file.

The original filename as part of the form data is available in originalName, but for security and stability reasons, it is not used to determine the name of the file on disk. If further processing or renaming is required, the implementor should do that processing.


content: Uint8Array

When the file has not been written out to disc, the contents of the file as a Uint8Array.

contentType: string

The content type of the form data file.

filename: string

When the file has been written out to disc, the full path to the file.

name: string

The name that was assigned to the form data file.

originalName: string

The filename that was provided in the form data file.