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packup v0.0.8


Zero-config web application packager in Deno.

⚠️ This tool is still in its early development stage.


  • 📦 Bundle web application like Parcel.
  • ✨ Support TypeScript out of the box.
  • 🦕 Deno-compatible ES Modules resolution.
  • 💨 Fast build with Esbuild-wasm bundler.


Install via

deno run -A

Write HTML and JavaScript:


  <script src="./main.ts"></script>
  <h1>Hi from packup!</h1>


console.log("hello world");

packup has the development server builtin. Run the following command to start the server.

packup index.html

Then open http://localhost:1234/ in your browser.

0.1 roadmap

0.2.0 roadmap

  • implement –log-level
  • Make esbuild.wasm path configurable
  • –public-url
  • –open option
  • optimize (minify) option
  • css import support
  • image import support

1.0 roadmap

  • sourcemap support
  • scss support

Done items

  • livereload
  • optimize esbuild loading
  • –port support (serve)
  • –dist-dir support (build)
  • Runs parcels original examples (with Deno specific stuff modification).
    • Doesn’t work because it includes commonjs references which I don’t want to support.
  • List asset sizes
  • Bundle javascript using esbuild
  • Bundle javascript using swc
  • deno run cli.ts [serve] index.html starts server at localhost port 1234, watch all dependencies, rebuild all assets when changed.
  • deno run cli.ts build index.html builds static assets to ‘dist’ directory.
  • Referenced scripts from <script> tags are bundled and served/built.
  • Stylesheets referenced from <link /> tags are just served/copied as is.

Prior art