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Structured JSON

Stringify and parse JavaScript values according to Structured Clone Algorithm.

This allows sending more advanced JS types across the network, including Date, Map, Set, ArrayBuffer and various typed arrays.

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import * as Structured from '@worker-tools/structured-json'

The module exposes these functions:

  • Structured.stringify
  • Structured.parse
  • Structured.toJSON
  • Structured.fromJSON

This module supports File, Blob and FileList, however use of stringifyAsync or toJSONAsync is required if your data contains any of these.

This module is part of the Worker Tools collection

Worker Tools are a collection of TypeScript libraries for writing web servers in Worker Runtimes such as Cloudflare Workers, Deno Deploy and Service Workers in the browser.

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Worker Tools also includes a number of polyfills that help bridge the gap between Worker Runtimes:

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