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Deno standard library
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variable default
import { default } from "";


{ ADDRCONFIG; ALL; V4MAPPED; lookup; getServers; resolveAny; resolve4; resolve6; resolveCaa; resolveCname; resolveMx; resolveNs; resolveTxt; resolveSrv; resolvePtr; resolveNaptr; resolveSoa; resolve; Resolver; reverse; setServers; setDefaultResultOrder; promises; NODATA; FORMERR; SERVFAIL; NOTFOUND; NOTIMP; REFUSED; BADQUERY; BADNAME; BADFAMILY; BADRESP; CONNREFUSED; TIMEOUT; EOF; FILE; NOMEM; DESTRUCTION; BADSTR; BADFLAGS; NONAME; BADHINTS; NOTINITIALIZED; LOADIPHLPAPI; ADDRGETNETWORKPARAMS; CANCELLED; }