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Alosaur 🦖

Alosaur - Deno web framework 🦖.


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  • Area - these are the modules of your application.
  • Controller - are responsible for controlling the flow of the application execution.
  • Middleware - provide a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering your application.
  • Hooks - middleware for area, controller and actions with support DI. Have 3 life cyclic functions: onPreAction, onPostAction, onCatchAction
  • Decorators - for query, cookie, parametrs, routes and etc.
  • Dependency Injection - for all controllers and hooks by default from microsoft/TSyringe (more about alosaur injection).
  • Security - supports security context (Session, Authentication, Authorization, OAuth, Google and custom strategy) Security
  • Render pages any template render engine. (more)


How do I use Alosaur in Deno Deploy? Use the light version of Alosaur: Alosaur Lite

Features roadmap

  • Microservices (TCP) example
  • Docs website
  • CLI: run applications
  • Create REPL http tool (tool for tests API, WebSockets etc), integrate with Alosaur openapi
  • Background process, BackgroundService, WebJobs, cron

Simple example


import { App, Area, Controller, Get } from "";

@Controller() // or specific path @Controller("/home")
export class HomeController {
  @Get() // or specific path @Get("/hello")
  text() {
    return "Hello world";

// Declare module
  controllers: [HomeController],
export class HomeArea {}

// Create alosaur application
const app = new App({
  areas: [HomeArea],


And run

deno run --allow-net app.ts

More examples