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Alosaur 🦖

Alosaur - Deno web framework 🦖.

Build Status

  • Area - these are the modules of your application.
  • Controller - are responsible for controlling the flow of the application execution.
  • Middlware - provide a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering your application.
  • Decorators - for query, cookie, parametrs, routes and etc.
  • Dependency Injection - for all controllers by default from microsoft/TSyringe (more about alosaur injection)


Simple example:


import { Controller, Content, Get, Area, App } from '';

export class HomeController {
    text() {
        return Content('Hello world');
    json() {
        return Content({ text: 'test' });

// Declare module
    controllers: [HomeController],
export class HomeArea {}

// Create alosaur application
const app = new App({
    areas: [HomeArea],


    "compilerOptions": {
        "experimentalDecorators": true,
        "emitDecoratorMetadata": true

And run

deno run -A --config ./src/ app.ts


  • Add render views: dejs

  • Add return value JSON

  • Add decorators:

    • @Area
    • @QueryParam
    • @Param param from url: /:id
    • @Body
    • @Cookie
    • @Req
    • @Res
    • @Middleware with regex route
    • @Cache Cache to actions {duration: number} number in ms
  • Add middleware

  • Add static middleware (example: app.useStatic)

  • Add CORS middleware

  • Add DI

  • Add std exceptions

  • Add CI with minimal tests. (see this comment)

  • Add OpenAPI v3 generator (see /examples/basic/openapi.ts)

  • Add OpenAPI type reference

  • Add GraphQl

  • Add WebSocket

  • Add validators example class-validator

  • Add microservice connector with wasm

  • Add benchmarks

  • Transfer to Alosaur github organization

  • Add docs and more examples

Plugins & modules


  • Add basic example
  • Add di example
  • Add static serve example
  • Add dejs view render example
  • Add example with sql drivers (postgres)
  • Add basic example in Docker container
  • Add websockets example
  • Add example with wasm

OpenAPI v3

Example in examples/basic/openapi.ts

Generate openAPI file:

deno run -A --config ./src/tsconfig.lib.json examples/basic/openapi.ts