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Discord API library for Deno

Discordeno follows semantic versioning

Discord Test


  • Secure & stable: Discordeno is actively maintained to ensure great performance and convenience. Moreover, it internally checks all missing permissions before forwarding a request to the Discord API so that the client does not get globally banned by Discord.
  • Simple, Efficient, & Lightweight: Discordeno is simplistic, easy-to-use and versatile while being efficient and lightweight. Discordeno follows the convention over configuration design paradigm; it prefers default options or values that are recommended by Discord or the best configuration for the majority of the users.
  • Functional API: The functional API ensures overall concise yet performant code while removing the difficulties of extending built-in classes and inheritance.

Getting Started

Minimal Example

Here is a minimal example to get started with:

import { startBot } from "";

  token: "BOT_TOKEN",
  intents: ["Guilds", "GuildMessages"],
  eventHandlers: {
    ready() {
      console.log("Successfully connected to gateway");
    messageCreate(message) {
      // Process the message with your command handler here


Note to developers: don’t worry, a lot of developers start out by building a Discord bot as their first project, and it’s not easy. Discordeno is designed and built with all of the issues in mind that many developers have encountered when they initially started writing Discord bots using existing libraries. If you are a beginner, you can check out these awesome official and unofficial templates:



We appreciate your help! Before contributing, please read the Contributing Guide.