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Discord API library wrapper in Deno

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Why Discordeno?

Beginner Developers

Don’t worry a lot of developers start out coding their first projects as a Discord bot (I did 😉) and it is not so easy to do so. Discordeno is built considering all the issues with pre-existing libraries and issues that I had when I first started out coding bots. If you are a beginner developer, you may check out these awesome official and unofficial boilerplates:

If you do not wish to use a boilerplate, you may continue reading.

Advanced Developers

The instructions below are meant for advanced developers!

Starting with Discordeno is very simple, you can start from scratch without any boilerplates/frameworks: Add this snippet of code into a new TypeScript file:

import StartBot, { sendMessage, Intents } from "";
import config from "./config.ts";

  token: config.token,
  intents: [Intents.GUILD_MESSAGES, Intents.GUILDS],
  eventHandlers: {
    ready: () => {
      console.log('Successfully connected to gateway');
    messageCreate: (message) => {
      if (message.content === "!ping") {
        sendMessage(message.channelID, "Pong");

Alternatively, you can use boilerplate template repositories that were created by wonderful developers. Review the list on the website, and add any of yours if you make your own.



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