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Discord API library wrapper in Deno

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Beginner Developers

Don’t worry a lot of developers start out coding their first projects as a Discord bot(I did 😉) and it is not so easy. With Discordeno, I tried to build it in a way that solved all the headaches I had when first starting out coding bots. If you are a beginner developer, please use a boilerplate: The official one is at: GitHub but there will be more listed on the website. It is a beautiful website indeed! Check it out!

Modular commands, arguments, events, inhibitors, monitors, tasks.

  • Clean and powerful commands system
    • Powerful argument handling including validating, parsing and modifications.
    • Easily create custom arguments for your specific needs.
    • Command aliases.
    • Cooldowns and allowed uses before cooldown triggers.
    • Author and bot permission checks in server AND in channel!
  • Clean and powerful events system
    • Simple functions that are called when an event occurs.
    • Easily reloadable!
    • No possible memory leaks due to incorrect EventEmitter usage!
    • Useful events available to help debug!
  • Clean and powerful inhibitors system
    • Stops a command from running if a requirement fails.
    • Easily add custom inhibitors!
  • Clean and powerful monitors system.
    • Runs a function on every message sent. Useful for stuff like auto-moderation or tags.
    • Easily ignore bots, users, edits, dms.
    • Powerful permission checks.
  • Clean and powerful tasks system.
    • Runs a function at a certain interval. Useful for things like unmute and updating bot lists etc.
    • Can be used for cache sweeping to keep your cache optimized for exactly what you want.
    • Botlists code already made for most botlists. Just add your api tokens for each site and magic!
  • Clean and powerful languages system.
    • Built in multi-lingual support.
    • Uses i18next, one of the best localization tools available.
    • Supports nested folders to keep cleaner translation files

Hot Reloadable

  • Easily update your code without having to restart the bot everytime.

Step By Step Guide

  • There is a step by step walkthrough to learn how to create Discord bots with Discordeno on our website!

Advanced Developers

The instructions below are meant for advanced developers!

Starting with Discordeno is very simple, you can start from scratch without any boilerplates/frameworks: Add this snippet of code into a new TypeScript file:

import StartBot, { sendMessage, Intents } from "";
import config from "./config.ts";

  token: config.token,
  intents: [Intents.GUILD_MESSAGES, Intents.GUILDS],
  eventHandlers: {
    ready: () => {
    messageCreate: (message) => {
      if (message.content === "!ping") {
        sendMessage(message.channelID, "Pong");

Alternatively, you can use boilerplate template repositories that were created by wonderful developers. Review the list on the website, and add any of yours if you make your own.


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