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Drake is a make-like task runner for Deno.
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/** The Drake version number. */const vers: string = "0.1.0";
// Drake API.export { abort, glob, quote, readFile, sh, updateFile, writeFile } from "./lib/utils.ts";export { desc, execute, run, task, log, env, vers };
import { existsSync } from "";import * as path from "";import { Env, parseArgs } from "./lib/cli.ts";import { help } from "./lib/help.ts";import { Action, TaskRegistry } from "./lib/tasks.ts";import { abort } from "./lib/utils.ts";
/** * The Drake `env` object contains the command-line options, tasks an variables: * * Options are keyed by their long option name e.g. `env["--dry-run"]`. Unspecified flag options * are undefined; unspecified value options are assigned their default value. * * Tasks names are stored in the `env["--tasks"]` string array. A default task can be specified by * setting `env["--default-task"]` to the task name. * * Variable values are keyed by name. For example `vers=1.0.1` on the command-line is available as * `env["vers"]` and `env.vers`. */const env: Env = { "--tasks": [] };
// Parse command-line options into Drake environment.parseArgs(Deno.args.slice(), env);
if (env["--help"]) { help();} else if (env["--version"]) { console.log(vers);}
// Caclulate drakefile path relative to cwd prior to processing --directory option.let drakefile = env["--drakefile"] ? env["--drakefile"] : "./Drakefile.ts";if (!path.isAbsolute(drakefile)) { drakefile = path.join(Deno.cwd(), drakefile);}env["--drakefile"] = drakefile;
if (env["--directory"]) { const dir = env["--directory"]; if (!existsSync(dir) || !Deno.statSync(dir).isDirectory()) { abort(`--directory missing or not a directory: ${dir}`); } Deno.chdir(dir);}
/** Global task registry. */const taskRegistry = new TaskRegistry(env);
/** Set description of next registered task. */function desc(description: string): void { taskRegistry.desc(description);}
/** * Create and register a task. * @param name - A unique task name. * @param prereqs - An array of prerequisite task names i.e. the names of tasks to be run prior to executing the task action function. * @param action - An optional function that is run if the task is selected for execution. */function task( name: string, prereqs: string[] = [], action?: Action): void { taskRegistry.register(name, prereqs, action);}
/** Log a message to the console. Do not log the message if the `--quiet` command-line option is * set. */function log(message: string): void { taskRegistry.log(message);}
/** * Execute named tasks along with their prerequisite tasks (direct and indirect). If no `names` are * specified then the the command-line tasks are run. If no command-line tasks were specified the * default task (set in `env["--default-task"]`) is run. * * Task execution is ordered such that prerequisite tasks are executed prior to parent tasks. The * same task is never run twice. */async function run(...names: string[]) { if (env["--help"] || env["--version"]) { return; } if (env["--list-tasks"]) { taskRegistry.list(); } else { if (names.length === 0) { names = env["--tasks"]; if (names.length === 0 && env["--default-task"]) { names.push(env["--default-task"]); } } if (names.length === 0) { abort("no task specified"); } await; }}
/** Unconditionally execute the named task without its prerequisites. */async function execute(name: string) { await taskRegistry.execute(name);}