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Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for deno.

import { Fastro } from "";

const server = new Fastro();

server.get("/", (req) => req.send("root"));

await server.listen({ port: 8000 });

Available route shorthand declaration

  • server.get(url, handler)
  •, handler)
  • server.put(url, handler)
  • server.head(url, handler)
  • server.delete(url, handler)
  • server.options(url, handler)
  • server.patch(url, handler)

How to use

These modules are tagged in accordance with Fastro releases. So, for example, the v0.1.0 tag is guaranteed to work with fastro v0.1.0. You can link to v0.1.0 using the URL Not specifying a tag will link to the master branch.


You can see above basic example code here: hello.ts

Check the following code to find out how to: