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Fast and simple web application framework for deno.

With deno near native performance, you can:

  • Manage your app and routing cleanly with builder pattern
  • Leverage existing Deno objects and methods such as Request, Headers, URLPattern
  • Access the request, the context, and the next callback before execute the route handler with route and app middleware.
  • You can add multiple middleware at once in one route.
  • Get url param with URLPattern
  • Set the react component props from the server side
  • Attach your API and React-SSR-SEO-ready pages in a single file
  • Special purpose group handlers with ModuleFunction.

Create your first end point

Create a main.ts file for deno-cli entry point.

import fastro from "";

const f = new fastro();

f.get("/", () => "Hello, World!");

await f.serve();

Run the app

deno run -A main.ts

Simple Examples

To find one that fits your use case, you can explore the examples page.

SSR Example

And to create your first React SSR page, you can follow the start page step by step.