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Deno web framework for developers who are obsessed with performance and simplicity.

Inspired by Fastify & Express.

import { Fastro } from "";

const server = new Fastro();

server.get("/", (req) => req.send("root"));

await server.listen();


If performance is important to you, here are the benchmark results:

Framework Version Router? Avg Req
Abc 1.0.0-rc8 1144.8
Deno http 1.0.3 2286.6
Express 4.17.1 551
Fastify 2.14.1 1462.7
Fastro 0.5.4 1766.1
Node http 14.3.0 2011.3
Oak 4.0.0 1052.5

Check this folder to see the detail method.

How to use & examples

This module uses the git release. If you want to pick a specific version, for example v0.5.4, then the full url is If you do not use the version, it will refer to master branch.

Check this folder to find out how to: