Fast and simple web framework

Built on top of Deno standard library. Written in TypeScript.

High performance

With all the ready to use features, the speed is still around 93% of the raw Deno HTTP library.

Getting started

No need to add or register route declarations, controllers, middlewares, templates, or static files manually.

Just init the project:

fastro init

And fastro will automatically load and save the generated files when the server starts:

fastro serve

You can modify existing files or add new ones if needed.

Go to quickstart for details.


  • Body handling application/json,
  • Body handling application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Body handling multipart/form-data
  • Command line interface
  • Data validation
  • Dynamic URL parameters
  • Supports cookie
  • Supports middleware
  • Supports proxy
  • Support query parameters
  • Support static files
  • URL prefix
  • URL redirection
  • URL routing by file name
  • Template rendering

You can see the details in the examples and test folder.

What's next: