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Fast, simple, minimalist web framework for Deno.

Inspired by Fastify & Express.

import { Fastro } from "";

const server = new Fastro();

server.get("/", (req) => req.send("root"));

await server.listen();


Other ways of using it include changing the default port, modify the header, modify default request, or adding plugins – you can see in: examples.


If performance is important to you, here are the benchmark results:

Framework Version Router? Avg Req
Abc 1.0.0-rc8 1372.1
Deno http latest 2487.81
Express 4.17.1 517.3
Fastify 2.14.1 1175.5
Fastro latest 1584
Node http 14.3.0 2219.1
Oak 4.0.0 1136.6

Check this to see the detail method & results: benckmarks