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Fastro is a simple and fast web framework built on top of deno. Its speed is close to the raw deno http library. Written in typescript.

No need to register routes, controllers, middlewares, templates, or static files. They will be loaded and saved when the server starts.

You can see the example of deployed webapp at this link: Go to the quickstart to create your own.


  • Body handling application/json
  • Body handling application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Body handling multipart/form-data
  • Command line interface
  • Data validation
  • Dynamic URL parameters
  • Serverless deployment
  • Supports cookie
  • Supports middleware
  • Supports proxy
  • Support querystring
  • Support static files
  • URL prefix
  • URL redirection
  • URL routing by file name
  • Template rendering

You can see the details in the examples and test folder.

What’s next: