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High performance deno web framework

Built on top of Deno standard library. Written in TypeScript.

With all the ready to use features, the speed is still close to the raw Deno HTTP library. Check this perfomance test.

Getting started

No need to add or register route declarations, controllers, middlewares, templates, or static files manually.

Just init the project:

fastro init

Fastro will automatically load and save the generated files when the server starts

fastro serve

Finally, after your app ready to use, you can deploy to serverless environment easily

fastro deploy

You can see an example of a deployed web application at this link

Go to quickstart for detail installation.


  • Body handling application/json
  • Body handling application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Body handling multipart/form-data
  • Command line interface
  • Data validation
  • Dynamic URL parameters
  • Supports cookie
  • Supports middleware
  • Supports proxy
  • Support query parameters
  • Support static files
  • URL prefix
  • URL redirection
  • URL routing by file name
  • Template rendering

You can see the details in the examples and test folder.

What’s next: