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Fast, simple, minimalist web framework for Deno.

Inspired by Fastify & Express.

import { Fastro } from "";

const server = new Fastro();

server.get("/", (req) => req.send("root"));

await server.listen();

How to use & examples

This module uses git release. If you want to use a particular release, for example v0.0.1, then the complete url is If you do not use the version, it will refer to latest version (master branch).

Check the following codes to find out how to:

  • change default port
  • create request handler
  • get url parameter
  • get payload
  • modify header
  • modify default request
  • make simple jwt auth
  • make simple REST API
  • create middleware
  • create decorator
  • create plugin


If performance is important to you, here are the benchmark results:

Framework Version Router? Avg Req
Abc 1.0.0-rc8 1128
Deno http latest 2120.7
Express 4.17.1 494.5
Fastify 2.14.1 1386.5
Fastro latest 1560.1
Node http 14.3.0 2423.81
Oak 4.0.0 1051.41

Check this to see the detail method & results: benchmarks.